Chuck Stull

Economics 400 and 410
Principles of Economics

Spring 2000

Some study suggestions

1:15 MWF

Syllabus for Micro.

online quizzes (Mankiw text)

Topics for Final Exam

Topics for Exam 2 and more problems

Topics for Exam 1 and some questions and answers.

10:00 MWF

Syllabus for Macro .

online quizzes (Mankiw text)

Topics for exam 1 (Macro)

Topics for Exam 2: Macro and some practice problems

Topics for Final Exam: Macro and some more practice problems.

"Markets are central institutions of a modern society. If you understand markets, you have a chance of understanding what is happening in your time. If you don't, you don't." -- Martin Mayer

Economic links

The Dreyden Press has a website to accompany Mankiw's Principles of Economics text. It has some practice problems and graphs, as well as links to other information.

Resources for Economists on the Internet provides an extensive list of links of interest to economists and economics students

Nobel Prize in Economics

Can you Balance the Budget? This California simulator demonstrates the impact of spending and tax changes on the federal budget deficit.

US Census Bureau

Federal Reserve Board

St Louis Fed

Securities and Exchange Commission

International Monetary Fund

World Bank

The Euro and the European Central Bank and more on the European Monetary Union

The Dismal Scientist, published by a consulting firm (where a friend of mine used to work), has economic analysis and articles.

Online Economics Textbooks

Economic Policy Institute: analysis, reports, and news interpretation

Industrial Organization links

Supreme Court Antitrust Debates

World Lecture Hall: Economics-- online classes.

U of Michigan Economics links
Hal Varian's links
Some more economic links and another page of Economics links

Personal webpages of economists

environmental economics

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K College Department of Economics

Department of Economics (information from the Registrar's office)

Kalamazoo College Homepage


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