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Regina Stevens-Truss, Ph.D.

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Every spring quarter students in Intro Chemistry II work with Northglade Elementary School (students & teachers) on projects that culminate in the school's annual Science Expo. Biochemistry students work with 8th graders on biomolecules and nutrition.
Sisters in Science
Sisters in Science is a new Kalamazoo College student group started partly in an effort to support young girls, primarily during the early teen years, who demonstrate an aptitude for math and science.  K-students hope to be a support group for the developing young scientists.
Art & Science of Medicine
This summer workshop funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is in its 3rd year. The program is conducted as a two week residential workshop that teaches high school students about the medical profession.
Girl Scout Chemistry Badge
The Women's Commission of the Kalamazoo area American Chemical Society work with local Girl Scouts bi-annually on their chemistry badge.